TheWorld's biggest Quran Sharif Exhibited on 22-01-2014 in APRI, Tonk

apri tonk raj
apri tonk raj
TheWorld's biggest Quran Sharif Exhibited in APRI, Tonk

According to the recent information fromsome reliable sources and as the galaxy of the dignitaries pointed out that the known biggest Qurans of the world are as follows:-

Afghanistan- Size- Length- 7 feet,Width- 5 feet
RussianRepublicTatarstan- Size 1.5Meters by 2Meters
Russia- Size- 150 x 200 cm

The world biggest Quran Sharif entered in the Guinness book.Russia has been awarded a Guinness WorldRecord certificate for being theworld biggestQuran Sharif.
The Rajasthan Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Arabic Persian Research Institute, Tonk, India feels pride to exhibit the world's biggest hand writtenQuran Sharif.
A three day All India Seminar and exhibition were organized in Rajasthan Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Arabic Persian Research Institute, Tonk India. OnWednesday 22 January, 2014 during the inaugural function, the biggest handmade copy of the holyQuranwritten and crafted inTonkwas open for public. Over rushing herds of men and women are coming to see it from home and abroad.As the Director of the Research Institute, SahibzadahAbdul Moid Khan pointed out that it's the greatest pleasure of the Institute that it has associated with the biggest Holy Quran from which the name of Tonk city will be brightened not only in the country but in the whole world. Four men are planted to open and close it. The scholars who came to see this Quran were surprised by it's size and handwriting. The world's largest size Quran made on special paper whose page length is 10 feet 5 inches, width 7 feet 6 inches. It is written with a pen of width three mm. Its every page has 41 lines. As far as the size of this Quran is concerned, it is the matchless Quran in the world. This project has been carried out by Sher Khan of Chittore. The length of this Quran is 125" and the width 90". Colour , calligraphy, floral designs and embellishment are fantastic. This Quran, under the supervision of Maulana Jamil Ahmad, Persian Translator of APRI, Tonk has been written by Qari Ghulam Ahmad- a resident of Tonk.Mr. KhursheedAlam andMr. Zafar Razathe two calligraphists of RajasthanMaulanaAbulKalamAzadArabic Persian Research Institute,Tonk guided about thewriting and floral designing. The two book binders of this InstituteMr. Salim andMr. RasheedAhmad have done an outstanding work of its binding specially by fixing together different sheets adhesively in one big sheet. It contains 64 pages only. Its weight is 250 kg. It has been written with rotning ink made in Germany. It took a year and a half, alongwith 6 months in preparing it's interlace. Its paper is prepared by hand at Sanganer. Each line of this Quran starts with the first letter of the Arabic Alphabet "Alif". Every page offers a unique art itself. Its binding has been decoratedwith fascinating silver corners around the page.

Sahibzada Abdul Moid Khan the Director of Rajasthan MaulanaAbul Kalam Azad Arabic Persian Research Institute, Tonk is attending the galaxy of the distinguished guest scholars of the seminar alongwith two Canadian visitors with exhibiting
the world's biggest Quran Sharif crafted in Tonk.

janab Azam Khan- the Cabinet Minister of the Government of Utter Pradesh discussing about the biggest Quran Sharif with Sahibzada Abdul Moid Khan-the Director.